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I’m Rejoining Walgreens

I’m thrilled to announce I’m rejoining Walgreens in the newly created role of Sr. Director, Social Media and Content. When I left Walgreens nearly 2 years ago, it wasn’t an easy decision. Walgreens was and remains a tremendous organization with a leadership and culture, few can rival. During my first tenure, they enabled and empowered us to create an award winning, best in class Social Media organization, that I’m proud to rejoin and lead.

During my time away, Walgreens has continued to be one of the most digitally fit organizations in the world, with a leadership that’s truly invested in succeeding in an increasingly digital and omni-channel world. It’s rare that you get to join such a tremendous company, let alone rejoin it. I’m humbled.

I'm Back

Thomas Wolfe, wrote, “You Can’t Go Home Again.” With all due respect to the brilliant award winning author, in this case, you can. The expectations the organization has for me and that I have for us are lofty. The bar was high when I first joined; I know it’s much higher now. But, that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about rejoining Walgreens. The other reason is the people. I’m looking forward to collaborating with exceptionally talented forward looking leaders.

Change, especially in this space, is a given. The Campbell Soup Company is a great organization, filled with talent and lead by a phenomenal CEO. I’m thankful they gave me the opportunity to build their digital organization. The friendships created will be long lasting and the mentors I found will play an ongoing role in making me better. I’ll continue rooting for my many friends there. Watching their collective continued success, will bring a smile to my face.

More to come soon. Be Well.