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Minnesota State Lottery Widget

We just finished developing this widget for the Minnesota State Lottery.  Widgets have certainly gotten a lot of attention in the last year and because of that there have been 1,000s of ineffective or silly widgets created.  I’m really proud of the widget created by the team at Colle+McVoy because it delivers a REAL consumer benefit: winning numbers.

Players frequently visit MNLottery.com or LuckyMN.com, the player’s club, for winning numbers.  The widget brings the information right to them.  This saves them time and gives them another great reason to be a fan of the Minnesota State Lottery.

Strategically, the widget helps us move toward a push-model instead of a pull-model.  If we can deliver key information to them in the form of a widget, that’s GREAT, even if it means the number of people coming to our websites decreases.  Again, it’s NOT about traffic, it’s about marketing effectiveness and this delivers!

The widget was built using the NetVibes platform.  We chose that platform so that users of iGoogle, My Yahoo, and other platforms could install the widget.  Heck it even works in the Apple Dashboard and scales to the size of the column or window. Now, that is sweet.