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10 Commandments of Web Design

Solid article from BusinessWeek about 10 principles to keep in mind when designing sites.  I agree with most of the article, specifically commandment #1

“Adobe’s (ADBE) popular Web animation technology powers everything from the much-vaunted Nike (NKE) Plus Web site for running diehards to many humdrum banner advertisements. But the technology can easily be abused—excessive, extemporaneous animations confuse usability and bog down users’ Web browsers.”

The one I don’t agree with is commandment #8.

“Web 2.0 is everywhere. MySpace (NWS) and similar sites only launched the trend of having users communicate and interact—sometimes obsessively—on browser-based sites. Designers are now filtering those same elements into diverse sites, from smart advertising to online office productivity.”

I just don’t buy it. It doesn’t have to be social. Some sites just don’t require those features.

Anyhow, all in all a great read.

My Wonderful Life Scares Me

I’m honestly not sure what to say or think about a site that says: “MyWonderfulLife.com is a free on-line service to help you plan and personalize your own funeral, so it reflects the way you lived. Becoming a member at MyWonderfulLife.com does not take the place of a Will, which is very important, but allows you to eliminate the guesswork for your loved ones during a difficult time.”

It’s a little freaky, but yet I can see why the site makes sense, serves a need, and could take off. Crazy.

Lexus Films So Desperate

I’ve been watching Tiger Woods play the U.S. open on 1 leg and kick some serious ass. Throughout the Open Lexus has been running commercials promoting their full line of vehicles. These commercials introduce us to 4 professional golfers, who all have pithy nicknames, and ultimately ask the watcher/consumer to visit MyOwnPursuit.com to see the full film.

Given that Lexus competes directly against BMW, I found it sad and a little pathetic that they are essentially copying BMW’s playbook from about 8 years ago. If you remember BMW launched a revolutionary campaign called BMW Films that featured James Brown, Madonna, and others.

Not only were the ads from Lexus boring and not create any reason for me to go to the site, they failed to leverage search engine marketing. Let’s assume I didn’t remember the URL, well surely the ad would be so amazing that I’d at least remember the content. Well go to Google and search for Lexus Films, or Lexus Annika, or Lexus U.S. Video, etc. you’ll get nothing except ads for that drive you to Lexus.com. This would be ok, except for the fact they aren’t featuring the ads nor the “film” on the home page.

Oh and their site doesn’t load the home page feature area in Safari. Good job guys.


Fishopedia Rocks

I’m really proud of the work we did for the Take Me Fishing campaign. All of the work, across all of the marketing channels is very good. The print looks great. Ditto on the direct. The spots we shot are fantastic and web site is amazing.

We just came out of usability testing and the site passed with flying colors. One of the things everybody seemed to really like was the Fishopedia. The Fishopedia was a brand new section of the site we concepted, created, and developed to be the A to Z compendium for fishing. It covers How to Fish, educates you on types of fish, helps you understand which equipment to choose, and offer much more. From step by step animations to detailed facts this is the place to go to for information on fishing.


So whether you are an avid or first time angler check out the Fishopedia.

Paint That Shit Gold

No seriously…paint that shit gold. I just like saying paint that shit gold. Ok, I’ll stop saying paint that shit gold. Crap, I just said paint that shit gold again. Ok, ok, ok I’m done. So Colle+McVoy just launched a new site called PaintThatShitGold.com.

The site let’s you capture and subsequently tag just about any site out there on the web. Don’t like the IRS? That’s cool, paint that shit gold. Not a fan of Obama? Yeah, me neither…so paint that shit gold.

Why did we decide to let people paint that shit gold? Glad you asked. The site was built to support the launch of Atmosphere’s new album, “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold.”

Paint That Shit Gold Album

Not only can you tag the web, but you can listen to songs from the album and use a REAL freaking equalizer to customize the audio.

I wish I had actually worked on this project, instead of just being the guy who kept saying, PAINT THAT SHIT GOLD. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and Paint That Shit Gold!

Brilliant Use of Video

We often talk about how can the web bring the “experience” to life. Generally this means use the the right photography, sound, video, etc. However, we generally fall short on recreating the real world experience. I came across this site to pomote Bora Bora tourism. Their use of video to bring the experience to life is amazing. It’s clear they didn’t compromise. Check out the site and then try and tell me you don’t want to visit Bora Bora 🙂