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10 Commandments of Web Design

Solid article from BusinessWeek about 10 principles to keep in mind when designing sites.  I agree with most of the article, specifically commandment #1

“Adobe’s (ADBE) popular Web animation technology powers everything from the much-vaunted Nike (NKE) Plus Web site for running diehards to many humdrum banner advertisements. But the technology can easily be abused—excessive, extemporaneous animations confuse usability and bog down users’ Web browsers.”

The one I don’t agree with is commandment #8.

“Web 2.0 is everywhere. MySpace (NWS) and similar sites only launched the trend of having users communicate and interact—sometimes obsessively—on browser-based sites. Designers are now filtering those same elements into diverse sites, from smart advertising to online office productivity.”

I just don’t buy it. It doesn’t have to be social. Some sites just don’t require those features.

Anyhow, all in all a great read.