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Links From The Week Of 11-16-2008

It’s been one crazy week that really hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging.  That’s the awesome thing about twitter.  I can stay connected with bleeding edge, soak up the knowledge, and share some thoughts.  I’ve been collecting links all week that I thought were worth checking out.  Enjoy.

  • A man tried to pay an overdue bill with a drawing of a spider.  Yes, I’m serious.  That drawing eventually sold for $10,000 on eBay.
  • Yahoo has finally brought “Glue” to the United States.  Glue, offers up a new way to see search results.  This is a great write-up on why Glue was created and what it can offer.
  • Apple released version 2.2 of their iPhone software.  It’s supposed to address stability and battery life.  My favorite feature of the software is that Google Maps now let’s you customize your directions based on how you’ll be traveling: car, bus, or walking.
  • Google launched Search Wiki.  It let’s you customize your Google Web Search results. You can rank, remove and add notes to any result page and see those tailored results anytime you do that search while you’re logged in to your Google Account. This video does a fantastic job of explaining the tool.
  • McDonald’s, naked pictures, and a lawsuit.  Need I say more.  Click here.
  • Shaq is on twitter.  Yes, I mean it.
  • Great tweet from Barry Judge the CMO of Best Buy.
  • Further proof that IT organizations at company’s are considered painful, non-efficient, and difficult.
  • Malcolm Gladwell asks the question, is there such a thing as pure genius?
  • Neat tool, called Vitrue, for measuring the social media footprint of brands.  It has potential.  Another options is this tool.
  • The new Pepsi logo/packaging is in market.
  • Great blog post that explains the genius behind Alltop.
  • American Airlines is offering paperless check-in.  Now how about not charging me for bags.
  • I heart you Seth Godin for this post.  I won’t spoil it; just read it.
  • YouTube broadcasted live this week.  Very cool and different.  Makes me warm and tingly.
  • Talking about attacking red headed people is a hate crime in Canada; even when it’s done on Facebook.
  • These speakers are absolutely beautiful.  I want them.

Want to Root For Suns…

I like Shaq. Well for the most part I like Shaq. I’m a Bulls fan, so when Shaq was on the Magic I really disliked him. But, on the whole it’s tough not to like him. I also can’t stand the Spurs; they have players that are so easy to dislike. For example, you have the flopper Manu Ginobli and of course the soft Frenchman Tony Parker, who just happened to some how land Eva Longoria.

So with that said, you’d think I’d have no problem rooting for the Suns over the Spurs. But, there is a BIG but. The Suns have players I can’t stand…they have Raja Bell (dirty player), Steve Nash (overrated), and of course Mike D’Antoni (ugliest coach ever).

I’m torn. I really want Shaq to get another ring, which would prove again Kobe needed Shaq and not vice versa, but I’m not sure I can.

Shaq Finally Delivers This Season

I love Shaq; who doesn’t. But, even he would agree he’s been an embarassment this season. This Vitamin Water ad is funny, to the point, and memorable. Love it. How can not love Shaq as a horse jockey? I’d show you the ad, but Glaceau did a shitty job of making their ad easily available. Not too bright.

Maybe he needs to drink some more though…if he did; he might be on the court more than he has been.