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Bar, Raised

Last week there was a lot of discussion about Oreo’s efforts during the Super Bowl. There should have been; what they did, with the speed the moved at, was deserving of recognition. The world moves in real time and Oreo has been the standard for the past year in how brands match that tempo.

Following the Super Bowl, our team regrouped, reviewed our own efforts, and had some great dialogue about how we move quicker and become more contextually relevant. The efforts inside of 3 days were nothing short of remarkable and lead to a standout performance by our Campbell’s Kitchen team.

Last night when Justin Timberlake took the stage for the first time in years, Oreo was quick to share their thoughts:

Not bad. Love the bow tie. Definitely on brand. Definitely quick. I like it. But, look at what Campbell’s Kitchen did at nearly the same point in time:

Notice the tint on our photo? As someone tweeted me last night, it’s the details that matter and we nailed it. I often say, speed wins. It’s true. But, nailing the details is what turns something from good to great. And in this case, we took an extra 5 minutes to nail the details. The tint is the same tint JT used when performing. We matched what was happening on TV, in near real time.

Kudos to the Mandy Weger, our brand team and our legal team. Without all of them, working together and striving for the same common goal, we couldn’t have made this happen. I can’t stress enough how important preparation was for this. The legal team helped us put together some guidelines, the brand teams met with the social media teams and we even leveraged some resources from the design team. Definitely a team effort. We shirked a “social media command center” in favor of some old school tools like eMail, Yammer! and phones. This allowed our teams to move quickly, communicate effectively and still spend quality time with family.

Not that I’m keeping score, but I think we won this round. Some say the bar is low for brands in twitter, because there’s so many bad experiences. I don’t necessarily share that point of view, but I understand where they’re coming from. Whether the bar is low or the bar is high, I consider the bar raised every day for us. That’s what keeps me waking up every day and coming into the office with fire in the belly.

Hypocrisy of Attractive Women in Advertising

AdAge published something useful.  I know, I know, well it happens from time to time 🙂  “Researchers Find Thin Models Make Viewers Like Brands More, but Themselves Less.” Are we really shocked by this? I feel like it’s something we’ve known for years, but we don’t want to admit.  Personally, I think there is some value from showing thin models.

For example, according to the study, “Seeing thin models also made college-age women far more likely to turn down a snack pack of Oreo cookies offered as thanks for their participation in the study, or to opt for a reduced-fat version. Women who had just seen thin models were nearly four times more likely to say no to Oreos than women who hadn’t, and 42% more likely to opt for reduced-fat cookies if they did indulge. ”





That’s a good thing.  I know I can use a few less Oreo’s.