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The Aviator Chair Is Mine

I first learned about the Aviator Chair from one of my favorite sites, Uncrate.  They described the chair as follows:

Don’t have what it takes to become a real pilot? Live out your WWII fighter pilot fantasies in the Aviator Chair ($1,300). This unique seat features riveted aluminum sides with a leather top rail, a distressed whiskey leather seat with a ribbed leather center area, a kiln-dried frame for longevity, and plastic feet to protect your precious floors from the inevitable inadvertent slide.

Yes, $1300 for a chair. Well technically, right now it’s $1695.  I paid less than $1300. I had a magic number in mind and when it hit the magic number I ordered it. You have to understand I’ve been lusting for this chair for roughly 4 months. So when it hit the magic number, there was no turning back.

It feels great finally having something I lusted after for so long. Now I can just sit back and enjoy.

The Simple Things

New apartment…no couch…no coffee table…so I improvised.

3 weeks later the new furniture arrived.  This was a welcome relief as my butt was getting sore sitting on the floor.