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Taking The Plunge

There’s an old joke in marketing that goes, if you wait for 100% of the data, you’ll miss 100% of the opportunity.  I genuinely believe in the philosophy.  We all have a certain order we expect things to happen in.  We assume if A happens, then we’ll do B, which will lead to C, etc.  But, what happens if A doesn’t happen?  Do you not do B?

A good friend of mine calls this the “I love you paradox.”  In a relationship if you’re waiting for the other person to say “I love you” so that you can say it, and that person is waiting for you to say it first; well, neither of you will ever say it.  At some point you have to do B even though A hasn’t happened.

A better way to think about this, is how we learn to swim.  You could say, well I’m not getting in the pool until I know I how to swim.  But, you can’t learn to swim, if you don’t get in the pool.  Chicken or the egg, right?  Me?  I just jump right in.  That’s actually how I learned to swim. My parents through me into a pool and survival instincts kicked in.  I was swimming in no time flat.  As the story goes, I learned how to swim in a weekend.  We did the same thing with Cora and she took the water immediately.

If you wait for 100% of the data, you will miss 100% of the opportunity.  Mark my words.  If you want to do something or something, just do it.  Don’t wait.

I Love When The Ball Is In The Air

There’s something really exciting about when the ball is in the air. Where’s it going to go? Who’s going to catch it?  I love it.  Cora, recently started throwing balls, well and clothes too.


Cora Throws The Ball
Cora Throws The Ball

You can see the excitement in her eyes when the ball leaves her hand.  Will it be a good throw?  Will someone catch it?  Will it go where I thought it was going to go?

See when the ball is in the air, all eyes are on the ball.  And, as the ball is getting closer to you, something like the wind can change its trajectory.  That’s why you can’t ever take your eye off of the ball.  You need to be focused.  But, you can’t be focused just on the ball.  You need to have the presence of mind to know where all the other players on the field.  Some people react well when the ball is in the air.  Others, not so much.  How we react when the ball is what separates the good from the great.

How will you react?

The London Eye

I was feeling a bit nostaligic today for some reason.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t taken a real vacation in some time.  The last two “vacations” I did take I ended up working.  Granted, some of that work was done from a beach in Mexico.  But, seriously?  Working on your vacation is not cool and not something I recommend, even though I do it all the time.  In keeping with the black and white theme of the site, here’s a photo of the London Eye I took in March of 2006 with the D2Hs.

On this trip I managed to connect with “work” via the Apple Store.  Sad, I know.

Goodbye D2Hs

The new Nikon D700 has proved to be an awesome camera.  So much so, that it was time to retire my beloved and trusted Nikon D2Hs.  The D2Hs served me admirably as I put it through roughly 50,000 shots.

It was the camera behind all of the pictures in the Cora 1 Photo A Day Project.  I took it to Italy, Mexico twice, New York, London and many other fantastic destinations.  It never once gave me a problem.

But, I was starting to feel the need for more resolution and full frame.  That’s where the D700 came in.  The camera is simply amazing.  Fast, sharp, awesome color fidelity, and thus far quite reliable.  I’m looking forward to seeing another 50,000 photos!

Goodbye D2Hs, you will be missed, but never forgotten.

Testing Out The Fixed D2Hs On Cora

Just got the Nikon D2Hs back from service. It was away at Nikon service in California for about 2 weeks. I was going through withdrawl and secretly I think Cora was too. This is the first real photo I took with the repaired camera.

I think it’s safe to say that the D2Hs is working just fine. You just have to love her expression.

A Cora Oldie

I was going through my photos today in Picasa and this one made me smile.  It’s from day 240.  The Burberry sweater was a gift from my friends and colleagues at ePrize.  They did a great job picking out something that would make an impression.  We loved the photo so much we blew it up to poster size and hung it in the house for eveyone to see.

Cora Is Ready For College

I was going through some random photos from this summer and came across this GREAT gem. We took this photo at Walter Library on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

Halloween 2008

What a blast.  Cora, at 18 months, got to get dressed up (as a monkey) and do some serious trick or treating.  We hit about 7 houses in total and Cora collected quite a booty of candy.  There were no tricks to be had this year, just treats.  You can see the full gallery here.

It was really amazing to see how much she’s grown since last year’s Halloween.  Honestly, you can’t even compare the two.  For a trip down memory lane, click here to see photos from 2007.

Pumpkin Carving Is A Lot More Fun When You’re Older

Last year, we let Cora in on the fun of pumpkin carving. It’s not that she wasn’t “good” at it, so much as she wasn’t old enough to really understand and enjoy the experience. A lot has changed in a year as these photos will attest.

We’ll have photos up from Halloween this weekend.  Check back for those.  You won’t want to miss it; Cora is going to be a monkey.

Severs Corn Maze

Just came back from Severs Corn Maze in Shakopee, MN.  These guys totally understand the concept of the experience economy. Severs does a great job of making little things seem BIG. The petting zoo has monkeys and zebras. Seriously, I’m not joking. They offer state fair style food, covering:

  • Fresh grilled corn on the cob
  • Cheese curds
  • Mini donuts
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade
  • And so much more

The maze, itself, is amazing.  The really did a fantastic job with the concept and design.  Here’s a picture of the grounds and the maze.

How freaking cool is that.  That covered area to the left is a “pit’ of corn kernels.  Think of it like a ball pit at McDonalds, only a hell of a lot more fun.

We had a blast as you can see from these photos.

This is the 12th year they’ve done this, and I’m genuinely looking forward to next year.  The directions to their location are a little out of sorts.  Here’s a Google map of where they are; in case you were going to plan a trip to this fantastic experience.

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