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The Hey Jude Lyrics Flowchart

I love The Beatles.  I love infographics.  I came across this a few weeks ago on twitter, but finally had a chance to really absorb it.  I’m amazed and flabbergasted that one of my all time favorite songs (and a long one at that) could be distilled down into something so simple.

  • willie

    It repeats back to the verses before “better better better….” More importantly, the 2 bridges are left out (“any time you feel the pain…,” and “let it out and let it in….” No wonder it seems so simple!

  • Sammy

    There is a bug in the flowchart. It does not terminate. I think we need an out arrow at “na”.
    Can I also suggest that since Judge occurs only once an object oriented version using a factory pattern would allow for the song to be reused with other names without substantial overhead.