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The Real iPad Review

I bought my nearly 3 year old daughter an iPad this morning.  Yeap, I walked right up to the Apple Store at the Mall of America and waited behind 6 other people to purchase the iPad.  She loves it.  She absolutely loves the iPad.  Since the moment I placed it in her hands she hasn’t put it down.

Is the iPad a killer device?  Is it a game changing device?  Will you love it?  The simple answer is YES…so long as you have the mindset of a 3 year old.  Harsh?  Yes.  But, it’s the truth.  Let me break it down.

The iPad is literally a larger version of the iPhone.  When I say literally, I literally mean literally.  Everything the iPhone can do, the iPad can do.  Or rather everything the iPhone can’t do, the iPad can’t do…and it can do even less than the iPhone 3Gs.

Do you like a linear approach for doing things?  If so, the iPad is perfect for you.  Everything about the iPad interface is linear.  Every desired final action is accomplished through a series of taps.  Want to read a book?  Cool.  Tap the home button.  Tap the iBook app.  Tap the library view.  Tap the book you want to read.  Hopefully, you’re getting the point.  Some will call this brilliant.  I call it rudimentary and lacking, especially when you consider that you’ll be doing a lot of tapping since there is STILL no multi-tasking functionality.  Yes, just like the iPhone, you can’t switch between apps.  If you’re watching a movie and want to tweet a comment about it, you’ll need to exit the movie app, switch to the twitter app, tweet away, close the twitter app, re-launch the movie app, tap to resume the movie…etc.  We’re on the 3rd evolution of the iPhone and the 1st evolution of the iPad…and we still have NO multi-tasking capabilities.

The iPad, by design (weight, size, etc.) competes directly against netbooks.  You’ll find that that iPad costs significantly more than most netbooks, but lacks basic computing features that have been around for more than 20 years.  For example, you will not be able to create folders, move files between folders, rename files, edit files, upload a file, download a file, etc.  Sad.  Remember when I said it lacks features that even the iPhone 3Gs has?  Well, the big one is and integrated camera.  The iPad was tailor made for video conferencing, video streaming, video chatting, etc.  But, Apple opted to eliminate this feature.  Ugh.

The screen is beautiful, bright, vibrant, full of rich colors and a joy to look at it.  Unless of course you’ve used it for more than a minute.  Just like an iPhone you’ll find yourself wanting/needing to clean the screen every 10 minutes.  Except, unlike the iPhone, you won’t be using your shirt or pants to do so :)  Oh, and unlike the iPhone, Apple opted NOT to include a screen cleaner.  Just lame.

Sounds coming from the built-in speakers are acceptable.  They’re no substitute for your computer speakers, headphones, or home theater.  But, they do the job when it’s quiet.  However, when my nearly one year old was in the room creating more ambient noise, it was difficult to clearly hear the dialog in the movie Coraline.  Keep in mind, this was when the speakers were turned all the way up.

Apple talks about the size of the iPad as a positive feature.  I agree and disagree.  Is the the iPad sleek?  Yes!  Is it thin?  You bet!  Is it contoured nicely?  Yeaper!  But, it’s still large and not portable by any stretch of the imagination.  You won’t be grabbing for your iPad every time you’re headed out.  That’s an unrealistic expectation anyway.  But, even if you’re a traveler, like me, you’ll think twice.  Why?  Because you’re already traveling with your iPhone (or in my case a Nexus One) and your laptop.  Do you really need both of those and a iPad on the plane?  Can you imagine having yet another item to get through the airport security line?  Oyve!

As a substitute for a book, I find it lacking.  Here’s why. One, you’d never read with it by the pool because the outside light is too blinding and you can’t get the iPad wet.  Two, you’d never read with it in the tub because just as with a pool, you don’t want to get it wet.  Three, would you really take it into the bathroom to read like the 71% of people who indicated they read in the bathroom?  I didn’t think so.  All that aside, the most maddening thing is their are simply way too many options for books on the iPad.  This is a true example of the Paradox of Choice.  Seriously.  You have your Kindle books.  You have your iBooks.  You have 3rd party books like the Cat in The Hat that sit on the screen like apps.  You also have content category aggregator apps like the Marvel Comic Book app.  Each of these apps requires you to have a unique login and each manages the content purchased in that app separately from the rest of the apps.  What does that mean?  That means there is no ONE app to see ALL your books.  You need to manage book libraries across multiple apps.  Add in magazine and newspaper apps and you have chaos.

One of the coolest features of the iPad unfortunately requires a $29.99 adaptor.  You can setup the iPad to be a digital picture frame.  I love this idea especially when you consider the cost of many high quality digital picture frames.  But, requiring an incremental $29.99 investment is just adding insult to injury.

No USB, no camera, no replaceable battery, no ability to create content and heck no cleaning cloth.  I could deal with all of these shortcomings and flaws if the price was something like $349.99 (in line with iPod Touch), but not at $499.99 (minimum).  At $349.99 it would be a nice affordable stretch and step up from an iPod and complimentary to a laptop.  But, at $499.99 I just don’t see how a current iPhone or MabBook user will find value in a device that does less than both of those devices.

This of course begs the question, why did I buy one?  Two reasons.  One, my job and why I’m good at it, is to be on and ahead of trend.  I need to understand what technology can do, can’t do, will do and might do for our clients.  Having an iPad in the house will help me do that.  Two, I genuinely believe as FastCompany does, that kids today will benefit from tools like the iPad.

Let’s just be honest for a second.  What need does the iPad deliver on?  What consumer problem does it solve?  The answer to both is nothing.  It’s essentially a bright shiny Apple object and that’s exactly why you’ll buy it.  However, what I think you’ll find is that just like so many other bright shiny objects, you’ll be bored with it fairly quickly.  Unless of course you’re a 3 year old; then you’ll love it and never want to put it down.

UPDATED: April 5, 2010
Is my review harsh? Possibly. Is it fair? Absolutely. I thought you might want to check out what some other industry leaders, who aren’t blinded by the bright shiny Apply object syndrome, had to say about the iPad.

Dave Winer
“Today it’s something to play with, not something to use. That’s the kind way to say it. The direct way: It’s a toy.”

Jeff Jarvis
“I tweeted earlier that after having slept with her (Ms. iPad), I woke up with morning-after regrets. She’s sweet and pretty but shallow and vapid.” and “The iPad is retrograde. It tries to turn us back into an audience again. That is why media companies and advertisers are embracing it so fervently, because they think it returns us all to their good old days when we just consumed, we didn’t create, when they controlled our media experience and business models and we came to them.”

“People who predicted that the iPad would kill the market for dedicated E-Ink readers are dead wrong. If anything, the iPad is the amazing, magical device that proves the value of E-Ink.

Don’t believe me? Take an iPad to the beach someday and try to spend the afternoon reading. You’ll be lucky if you can see around your own reflection long enough to finish a paragraph of text.”

David Pogue
“There’s no multitasking, either. It’s one app at a time, just like on the iPhone. Plus no U.S.B. jacks and no camera. Bye-bye, Skype video chats. You know Apple is just leaving stuff out for next year’s model.

The bottom line is that you can get a laptop for much less money — with a full keyboard, DVD drive, U.S.B. jacks, camera-card slot, camera, the works. Besides: If you’ve already got a laptop and a smartphone, who’s going to carry around a third machine?”

  • http://www.baseballthinkfactory.org/ TOLAXOR

    Funny, I saved a .doc from email today and brought it up in Pages. Edited, and it's still around. Second, who gives a shit? For all practical purposes, webmail became my dynamic filestore a long, long time ago. For long term files, there's place for that.

  • http://www.thekmiecs.com adamkmiec

    Yeap, I'm sure you did. Do me a favor…can you move the file from the folder it's in (assuming you can find the folder), then edit the file name, and send it to me :) You can't because the OS doesn't allow for it.

  • http://www.thekmiecs.com adamkmiec


    1. I never said this was a fair review. I simply called it a Real review. Very different.
    2. I picked out specific quotes and linked to the entire article. Pogue did say those things.



  • http://www.thegeekologist.com/ Jorge Valentin

    Too much to write here, so, here's my opinion. Good article though.


  • RDRush

    I would have to agree that the mind set is going to be more band-wagon oriented or for the innocent a new avenue of entrancement. The same closed minded development procedure that the iPhone and other iDevices suffer so to haunts the iPad.

    The device is limited and so will entice many to hack the unit for work-around protocols addressing issues with media playback like Flash and the like. This will obviously instigate Jobs into a tiff, as usual, resulting in the App-Store's refusal to supply market level access to those patches and hacks. The result will boil down to the outback hack shack of home-brew cracks; etc. with the possibility of “bricking” your iPad rendering it useless until you can effectively re-install the original operations system of the device.

    The price is mentally crippling for many and as such really warrants investigation of alternate means of entertainment such as netbooks and PMP's like the Archos line up.

    I dropped the iPad in favor of an ASUS T91MT netbook tablet P.C. with Windows 7 Home Premium and installed a slew of eBook reader software like Kindle for P.C. and the usual culprits like the Flash plug-in as well as Adobe Air and Media player. It has its limitations on media playback but, with modification to the media it will suffice quite nicely.

    It's still under $600 to boot with wireless b/g/n and bluetooth so…

    The iStuff has a unique way of hypnotizing you, it gets me everytime, throttling the senses. After the initial amazement wears a bit the sticker shock sets in and it's back to a less than glorious reality.

  • ProofreadPlz

    “Well, the big one is *and* integrated camera.”

  • mattack1

    You mean “complementary”, not “complimentary.”

    Plus, I use my iPhone in the bathtub/bathroom all the time. (Semi-ironically, usually looking something up referred to in the newspaper I'm usually reading.)

  • Nick James

    Negative, just like the iphone it can be jailbroken reletively easy which opens up all the flexibility in the world.

  • Steven

    You have hit it head one, if you want goods to sell tens of millions a 3 year old has to be able to use it, people want technology to complement them not confuse them. They want to experience enjoyment. 99% of the population that technology is sold to are not tech savy. This was why the initial tablets failed, they were targeted towards the tech geeks. Forget them and their negative reviews, the majority don't care, they dont even know what a hard drive is and there is nothing they can do to stop them.

    Want other examples in History Nintendo Wii. Totally transformed the way game companies interact with consumers, the mass market didnt want to know how to use a complicated gamepad. They just wanted it to work. Notice the theme and variation here?

    If this is really your job I would emplore you to just open your mind a look and think of global trends in consumerism. Its not about the technology, it is about the experience, finally technology companies are starting to understand this.

    What consumer problem does it solve? Thats the fundamental error. You don't solve problems in consumerism, this is merely an enabler. Its now up to consumers to use this device to enable them to solve the problems they have. If a three year old can use it, you have covered 99% of the population.

    Good Effort, B-

  • Michael Gray

    He makes claims as to why multi-tasking is not practical, (no hard drive), yet misses the fact that Windows Mobile *does* multi-task and has no hard drive!
    Very well, at that.

  • Mark C

    Hilarious. How as all that openness worked out for Android so far, app count wise?

  • Mark C

    How many New Yorker covers have been created on an Android phone? Just wondering. Because I believe the figure for the iPhone is at least three. Yes, the phone.

  • Mark C

    “my job and why I'm good at it”

    Yep, self-congratulations. The battle cry of every marketing windbag.

  • Samuel from Finland

    Interesting point. I have another one:

    What if the ipad could do all the things people wanted? Well… atleast the important ones. If it would infact work like a laptop, I believe it would eat the sales of other Apple products like the basic macbook. Would you need a macbook, if you had ipad with most of its best features? No you wouldnt.. Thing is, people are gonna buy the iPad no matter how stripped or useless it might be. If the sales numbers go too down with the ipad, apple has the option to launch more features to the ipad, such as the multitasking or maybe a later version with a camera in it or both and more. Bare in mind that this is the first version of the ipad. Im sure some features will be added later on, but still the main reason for some of the things missing in ipad IMO is this: Apples sales might go down with other devices such as the macbook

  • Nick

    Because I buy my technology in hopes for it to get “ooohs” and “ahhs”. Haha.

  • eric

    you might want to read this study: http://mashable.com/2010/03/31/ipad-developer-i

  • CW

    Sorry but you are dead wrong about the Zune. They sell completely DRM-free MP3's just like iTunes. You can burn them, take them anywhere or even use them on your ipod!!

  • http://www.thekmiecs.com adamkmiec

    I don't think it's about app counts. It's about usage, adoption and market share. Check out this study that shows how quickly Android has grown. It's staggering, especially when you consider that it looks like the iPhone market is saturated and his plateaued.


    Again, you seem to want to avoid the data.

  • http://www.thekmiecs.com adamkmiec

    I'm not sure what this has to do with the iPad.

  • http://www.thekmiecs.com adamkmiec

    It must be nice to be anonymous :)

  • Grandpa

    Interesting, all the things mentioned as detraction are things that are not important to me. That is why I ordered one.

  • Matt

    DRM FREE my ass.

    Steve Jobs would never agree to DRM Free music.

    He likes having control. And you can't get your music that you download on Itunes onto anything else anyways. They're encoded into a completely different format and put into a nearly inaccessible folder.

  • http://twitter.com/selgart Seth Elgart

    I think you're missing the point a little bit. It's not about what the iPad is or isn't. It's more that at times the iPad simply disappears. If you're looking at a web page it's as if you're holding the actual page in your hands. There's no computer, no device, no distractions. You're basically holding the web page in your hand and the device you're using recedes into the background. If you're on Twitter or playing a game, there's no computer there at all. You're just holding the list of tweets or the gameplay right in your hands. In some ways it's a completely amazing experience. It's not about multitasking or powerful word processing. It's about the device receding into the background and letting you just do what you want to do.

    With a computer, there are dozens of things going on at once. That's great. But with the iPad whenever you launch an app, that's all there is. Your daughter gets this intuitively. There's something in her hands, and her whole attention is given to what she's seeing. Give a kid that age a mouse and what they mostly do is click randomly all over the screen. They don't get that there's a foreground and a background. With the iPad it's obvious, mostly because there *is* no background. For a “modern computer user” that may feel like a limitation, but if you think of it from a different perspective, do you really want the deeply engaging paperback novel you might be reading to start beeping at you every time someone someone has an inane IM comment? :-)

    If you're reading a book you're not multitasking, you're monotasking. And the iPad does that perfectly. It's the ideal monotasking tool. That's what it's designed for, and it's done brilliantly. With an iPad, there is no computer. Instead, there is a dedicated device in your hand that does nothing else. Until you launch a different app, of course. Need a map? Tap, you're there. Need a book? Tap. Need a game? Tap. So simple. That's what the iPad is. One task at a time, done right.

    iPad as my main computer? No. My only computer for a weekend trip? Definitely. Would I want to write a novel on it? Probably not, but that's not what it's for. If you want to write a novel you may need a specialized tool, although with a Bluetooth keyboard you could do that too. Write software on an iPad? Nope, but then again you can't write Android software on an Android device either.

    In the old days it was miraculous that you could leave your desktop computer behind and take a laptop on a trip. Nowadays, you don't even have to bring your clunky, giant, heavy laptop with you! What the iPad has done is taken away much of the computer aspect of portable computing and instead given us something you can just use. I've read seemingly a thousand reviews bemoaning the fact that the iPad isn't a computer. Well, yeah, that's the whole idea.

  • http://blessed-are-the-geek.com blessed geek

    Dear Adam, I sympathize with your frustration. I am equally frustrated to know so many people, as you are with the ipad, who are not able to multitask on the computer. For example, I tell/ask them,
    you don't have to close Yahoo page before editing your document.
    or why did you close the file explorer to open your browser?

    There are too many of those muggles out there for us to deal with. They simply refuse to multitask on their computing devices. Irresponsible Apple may be, instead of working hard to educate these muggles, Apple has decided to sell them devices to exploit their mugglicity for financial gain.

    I guess Apple decided to be responsible more towards their share holders than to the universal good of improving the multitasking skills of those uncountable unmanageable muggles and mugglets out there.

  • http://www.thekmiecs.com adamkmiec

    Seeing as the expectations were 600K sold on day 1 and we haven't yet crossed 500K a week and half later I don't think the street or shareholders will be thrilled.

  • http://www.thekmiecs.com adamkmiec

    Seth, what you are debating though is if people desire to only do 1 thing at a time or multi-task. Considering that apple just announced the new iPhone OS (version 4) will offer multi-tasking to some degree, I think we have a fairly good idea that multi-tasking is where it's at.

  • http://twitter.com/mr_rcollins Ryan Collins

    Apple dropped DRM for the iTunes music store in January, 2009. They are still AAC encoded and not MP3, but there is no DRM and can be easily converted to MP3 (a lot of devices already support AAC, check your manual).

    To get your music out of iTunes, just drag from iTunes and drop it on your Flash drive, your desktop, etc. So if you have a portable player that mounts as a drive, you can easily just drag the files from iTunes over to it.

  • http://twitter.com/mr_rcollins Ryan Collins

    I keep hoping for a good Android tablet, but will we ever see anything as polished as Pages and Keynote for Android?

  • Tom P

    I'd counter your question with another one: How many people want, or need, to create a New Yorker cover, or a cover for any other magazine for that matter?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dbabbage Duncan Babbage
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    iPads and other tech are becoming great baby sitters thats for sure! But what’s the implications on the kids?

  • Jdougal

    I agree, mult-tasking is important and needed. The harddrive is irrelevant. 


  • Pcdiggs

    Well, for all your supposed insight, everything you stated and predicted was wrong. Even in the present day of the iPad 2, you’re still being ideologically stubborn and biased, and are beginning to sound pig-headed and ignorant (not to mention smug). Just concede you didn’t see the future market correctly and give it a rest already. Regardless of your apparent “anything but Apple” belief system, the fact is the iPad is an amazing device that will keep improving, and Apple (as it is doing now) will dominate the market for years, if not decades to come. Those who are imaginative and creative saw this, those who are utilitarian and stuck in their own stubbornness missed the boat.

  • Adeel778

    Your are right Nick but i think its good for others :)

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  • http://ipad3news.net parksleepfly

    Rumors have been swirling across the web and kept fans buzzing about a probable release date and the upcoming specs of the iPad 3 which is supposed to really be substantially upgraded from both the iPad and iPad 2. One of the most prominent features that fans are hoping for is indeed the retina display because that beautiful rich screen of the iPhone 4 would look even more amazing on the larger iPad 3 display.

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    Makes scene Nick. I don’t personally like to use the ipad to read however.

  • Battanilink

    The only thing that you’re locked in to, if you don’t want to jailbreak
    your device, is the App Store. Still… you don’t hear anyone
    complaining about the NDS or the PSP as a locked down device.battani

  • limnk

    your device, is the App Store. Still… you don’t hear anyone

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