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Photos Can Tell You So Much

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you have to know I’m insanely passionate about photography. Photos have a certain truth to them. They capture the moment. They capture a snapshot in time. When you look at a photo of someone smiling, there can be no denying that there was a smile. Photos can tell us when someone was happy or sad. They can tell us if the sky was blue or filled with storm clouds. Photos can tell us who we were sharing our time with…and who we elected not to include.

Of course, how we remember a situation, a day or an event often differs from what the photos seem to say.  There’s always something interesting about looking at “old” photos.  They fill in the gaps in our memories and help to tell a story…the real story…the real truth.  When you dig through a photo archive, be it at a museum, someone’s yearbook or their collection of photo albums (digital and real), you can learn a lot about a person.  I often find myself surprised with the photos people hold on to.

Yes, photos don’t lie , they tell us so much and that’s why I’m passionate about photography.  What do your photos say about you?  Do they tell the truth as you remember it?