I Feel Old

The other morning, I had the moment, that I’m sure many other have had. I was leaving my physical therapist’s office, limping to my car, gingerly sliding into the driver’s seat and it hit me. I feel old. I’m serious. You know, they say, it’s the age, it’s the miles. Well I’ve put a lot of miles on this soon to be 34 year old frame.

There were 4 moments, some big, some minor, that had me feeling I was old.

  1. I recently switched all my Nike running shoes for New Balance. You laugh. But, New Balance, despite its cult-like following, does have the stigma of being the shoe for “old” people. I traded in form for function. Let me be clear, the 3 pairs of New Balance shoes I picked up are great. The Minimus Hi-Rez is one of the most advanced running shoes out there. That said, I felt a little bit older buying New Balance.
  2. As if the New Balance shoes weren’t enough, I also needed inserts for my shoes. My flat feet finally caught up to me. In high school I ran a 4:26 mile; I was a cross country runner. I ran in any climate, any condition on any surface. Never had pain. At 33, I have pain. Maybe it wasn’t the New Balance shoes or the inserts, maybe it was the added purchase of a pair of Brooks shoes…
  3. Sensing a theme here? My left leg has been in a lot of pain the past 5 month. Finally, reluctantly, I went to a doctor. The good news, no surgery. The bad news, I needed to stretch out my joints and muscles more. I actually have a regiment to follow and a physical therapist. Stretch more? Me? The guy who could just hop on a basketball court, fresh from school and play for 4 hours? Ok it’s all adding up…joint pain, inserts and New Balance. Ok where’s my AARP card?
  4. Gulp, I went on a diet. Finally, my magic metabolism has faded. Insert sad face. The combination of my awesome eating capabilities and the inability to run (see above as to why) has me at my highest weight I’m years…170 pounds. To put that in perspective, at the peak of my physical fitness, in college, when I hit the gym 6 days a week and played basketball every day, I was 160. At my lightest, during cross country in high school, I was 140. I need to drop 15 pounds. It hasn’t showed up in inches yet, but I feel the weight. This is a first for me. I’ve never needed a diet. I just ate what I wanted.

Still no grey hairs, although apparently, I might be more qualified for certain jobs if I had a bit more “salt and pepper.” I’m serious. It was once explained to me that the main reason I wasn’t chosen for a job, was not my skills, but that I didn’t look the part…I looked to young.

So no grey. No glasses either. I’m also not eating dinner at 4 PM. So that’s good, right?

Like I said, it’s not the age, it’s the miles. I wouldn’t trade any of those miles in. The first 33 years have been a hell of a ride. I’m not going to slow down. How could I? I have New Balance shoes now!

  • cosguru

    Adam – nice post. I felt this way about 6 months ago. After living in Texas for almost 3 years, frantically making strides professionally and having less ‘personal time’ the age began weighing in. After I came back from CES and Detroit Auto Show I decided to ‘own’ myself. Not have something else own me.

    That’s when I began to make lifestyle and behavior changes.

    6 months later, I:

    1. Get more sleep, Wake Up early.
    2. Focused on my eating portions and frequency.
    3. Work out not at the gym but as part of my lifestyle. (at home, bike with friends)
    4. Spend more time with close family and personal devotion.

    Result: 25+ lighter, more focused, productive, and best health since my early 20′s.

    The problem is, I need to avoid the hair color for men aisle at the drug store. The grey hairs look good ;)

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