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Goodbye D2Hs

The new Nikon D700 has proved to be an awesome camera.  So much so, that it was time to retire my beloved and trusted Nikon D2Hs.  The D2Hs served me admirably as I put it through roughly 50,000 shots.

It was the camera behind all of the pictures in the Cora 1 Photo A Day Project.  I took it to Italy, Mexico twice, New York, London and many other fantastic destinations.  It never once gave me a problem.

But, I was starting to feel the need for more resolution and full frame.  That’s where the D700 came in.  The camera is simply amazing.  Fast, sharp, awesome color fidelity, and thus far quite reliable.  I’m looking forward to seeing another 50,000 photos!

Goodbye D2Hs, you will be missed, but never forgotten.