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The Social Super Bowl

Spoke with the good folks over at KDKA yesterday morning about the role social will or won’t play in the Super Bowl.  You can listen to the full audio here:

I think, in short, we are going to see a lot of great examples of brands just not really understanding what it means to be social.  It’s more than simply asking customers to vote on which ad they want to see, or to like a Facebook page to see special content.  Unfortunately, just like websites in 1999, we need to get ready for a lot of really good case studies about brands and their agencies doing bad things.  As I wrote here a little while back, there will be a variety of mistakes made, but I think ultimately, with regards to social, the biggest mistake will be not surrounding it with enough media to drive awareness of what these brands are doing in the social space.

As a side bet, I’ll take the over on 25, for the number of “social” logos inserted at the end of the commercials.