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The Pride Of A Father

I love my son. I love him for his goofiness. I love him for his smile and belly laugh. I love him for his love of grill cheese and mac and cheese. That he would eat them both every day at every meal is strange and yet wonderful. I love him for the pure heart he has (definitely got that from his mother). I love him even when he’s a pain in the ass; which he can be, on occasion.

You simply do not understand the concept of pure joy, until you watch your own child, do something they love. John, loves basketball. Simply loves it. I bought him his first indoor Nerf hoop at 2 and it was easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

He outgrew it, quickly, and last year for Christmas I picked him up a taller and larger indoor Nerf styled hoop. Additionally, the outdoor hoop was lowered and moved towards the back porch deck. That let’s John practice shooting real balls against a real backboard on a real hoop.

With all that practice, I guess I should have been surprised when at his first game, he scored 6 points, dished out 4 assists and was basically the best player on the court.

John Paul Kmiec - The Basketball Player

Cora does dance. She quite enjoys it and like any dad, I enjoy watching her recitals. Both of the kids played soccer this Fall and really took to the sport. Growing up I didn’t dance and I certainly didn’t play soccer. So, while I took an interest in both because the kids took an interest, I didn’t really emotionally connect with the activity.

Basketball, however, was something I played often. 2 years ago at Walgreens, I played in the employee league and we finished in 2nd place. I love playing basketball and I love watching it live. I connect with the sport and still geek out watching old Michael Jordan highlights.

Watching my son, turn his practice into action was exhilarating. As he scored, passed and defended with purpose, other parents commented to me about how good he was. I stayed humble, thanking them, but I was bursting on the inside. This was from the opening tip off:

Are you kidding me? He scored in the first 4 seconds.

I have no idea, if John will pursue and/or be great at basketball. I do know, that for one day, over one hour, I felt a pride that I’d never felt before and hope to feel again.