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Planting Flags

I like planting flags. I like scaling mountains that have never been climbed. I like doing things faster than anyone else. There’s a joy in getting to the finish line, breaking records and doing this that have never been done before. It can be tough sometimes to find new challenges. When that happens, I create my own obstacles to overcome…just for the hell of it. Lately though I feel like I’ve hit a wall. It’s not that I can’t find new challenges, new walls to overcome or places to plant flags. No, it’s something much more simple. I’m damn tired.

They say if you want to travel fast, go alone, but if you want to travel far, go with others. Well lately I feel like I’ve been traveling really fast, really far and with a large group. Trust me, it’s taxing. Maybe instead of tracking down every possible place I could plant a flag, I need to be more selective.

Where do you find your motivation and how do you choose where to plant your flags?