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Planting Flags

I like planting flags. I like scaling mountains that have never been climbed. I like doing things faster than anyone else. There’s a joy in getting to the finish line, breaking records and doing this that have never been done before. It can be tough sometimes to find new challenges. When that happens, I create my own obstacles to overcome…just for the hell of it. Lately though I feel like I’ve hit a wall. It’s not that I can’t find new challenges, new walls to overcome or places to plant flags. No, it’s something much more simple. I’m damn tired.

They say if you want to travel fast, go alone, but if you want to travel far, go with others. Well lately I feel like I’ve been traveling really fast, really far and with a large group. Trust me, it’s taxing. Maybe instead of tracking down every possible place I could plant a flag, I need to be more selective.

Where do you find your motivation and how do you choose where to plant your flags?

  • Adam – Thanks for your thoughts here. I'm exhausted as well and have been thinking about overhauling a few things in my life as well. Don't get me wrong. Love life, networking, getting to know ins and outs of various industries, working on building a robust communication management system in a completely dysfunctional environment, family, dog park time, developing my blog time, reading and more. My motivation isn't a problem, but my flag planting is. Love that by the way. I'm highly motivated by learning, which happens everywhere, but I think I will spend some time mapping our how/where to expend energies, etc. so I can be more productive, gratified and show up where I need to at my best (if that makes sense). Essentially, it could be grouped in time management, but it has roots a bit deeper because there is more at stake. I need to CONSTRUCTIVELY process this and probably not in comments on your blog. Ha. Point is though – like what you threw out here. Timely. Thanks.

  • GenevieveM

    So true…between work, grad school, and life, I'm exhausted. But, I've recently added a flag planting moment to the mix with the Bike Ride Across Nebraska. With 480 miles of riding in six days ahead of me, I've had to be more focused and organized in an effort to ensure I can train and still get everything else done. The motivation of such an accomplishment has given me a bit more energy to get it all done. And I still fall into bed exhausted at night, but it's that good kind of exhausted where you know you're accomplishing something and working toward planting that flag, rather than the 'spinning your wheels' exhausted. As always you make me think.