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  • Randy Legassie

    If they took God out ,,, after 30 yr comsumer… I’m out with everyone I know also… IN GOD WE TRUST…

  • Badboyabdi

    Humans you need to open their eyes and understand what really is going on in this world of ours. It just takes a little bit of research and i’m only 14 and I know a lot more than most of you. Let me tell you why it is so similar Obama’s logo represents hope if you look at a pepsi can look at it like this red white blue (representing hope) and read pepsi back upside down. HOPE IS DED the so called illuminati or the freemason currently control the world and the media what they are trying to do is brainwash and make us think their way. A lot of famous people died because they were against these people e.g. 2pac michael jackson and other famous people and their also are people that sold their souls in exchange for fame another exampleis jay Z and Rihanna and the list goes on and on. I know some people might agree or disagree and think this is a whole load of bullshit if you want to know more just go on youtube and watch The Arrivals.


  • MissyM

    I think it is DISGUSTING that you decided to “jump on the Obama train” and screw the American people with both you “new logo” and the thought that you are taking UNDER GOD” away from which it stands for.

    THIS MOVE CAUSED YOU TO LOSE 7 people from my family who are Pepsi drinkers and all my friends who drink it too, as I have made them aware of what PEPSI IS TRYING TO DO TAKING AWAY AMERICANS RIGHTS by taking Obama’s lead of TAKING DOWN THE COUNTRY – BIT BY BIT.


  • MissyM

    I think it is disgusting that you do not see ANY of the points made in this article. Pepsi is trying to undermind the AMERICAN PEOPLE, to be on Obama’s train…plain and simple. PEPSI took a stand to disrespect what America stands for…don’t you get it?????

    Pepsi may be #1 (for those who even care)…but they have to remember that it is the AMERICAN PEOPLE who drink it – and I sure as hel.l will not be drinking it any more because of their insensitivity. PEPSI DOES NOT REALIZE WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO DO WILL OFFEND EVERY TRUE AMERICAN..AND LOSE BUSINESS BECAUSE OF IT.

  • Thomasritter30

    Sorry pal but i lost my untie because she drank pepsi max all the time and it was proven aspartime causes cancer!
    Symbols have a powerful meaning just like whats on the american dollar bill.

  • RickyMA

    I do not like the new logo period. I am also a fan of the 1971 logo, and would like it back.

  • http://twitter.com/TeejMason Andreas Yiacoumi

    guys do your research on conspiracy theories.. then turn your next can or bottle of pepsi upside down and read pepsi while its upside down.
    the government control us. the system controls the government. if we’re not the system we’re the puppets and thats the way it goes. anyone who tries to fight that…. is ded – pepsi
    RIP JFK, MJ, 2PAC, Malcome X

  • Jethro


  • Jethro

    better tell him that !!!!

  • Jethro

    Dont know but coke is now #1 seller over Pepsi !!

  • Jethro

    Hmmmmmm wonder why coke is now #1 and pepsi is #2

  • Pati0

    People, check before you get your blood pressure up…have you heard of HOAX? I am not a Pepsi drinker
    either and you must know…the rumor going around about IN GOD WE TRUST taken out is just that…a HOAX! NOT TRUE!

  • Cellysel

    I’d rather see obamas logo on yhe bottom of a urinal so I can piss on it , or better yet embossed on a roll of toilet paper

  • Pebbles201

    You GO COCA COLA  !!!

  • Csgammy

    Love it

  • Leo

    Well said. I can’t believe what all these idiots are saying.

  • Leo

    The article’s ONLY point is that the logos look similar. I’m pretty sure that you or your family not drinking it will not affect business for Pepsi, after all you don’t represent every American. Take your bitter self somewhere else, please.

  • meinlas

    Enough Productive Americans have stopped drinking Pepsi after seeing the new logo and seeing the DO GOOD 0bama brainwashing crap messages on the sides of the Pepsi packages. Notice Pepsi has dropped those?

  • meinlas

    Some people see with their hearts and minds…others continue to be in the dark…brainwashed. You would probably see the Emperor’s new clothes. We see him naked. HOPE you woke up this past year.

  • OneTermis2much

    I stopped purchasing Pepsi for our suite when they came out with that new logo that looks an awful lot like that horrid Obama logo. Pepsi should take a hard look at what happened to Doprah when she endorsed Obama…she lost half her viewers. I started buying Coke products and the office folks like it much better anyway!

  • Rsggrd

    Crazy bitch.

  • dejae

     i was wondering, have you ever looked at a pepsi can with the logo ?  ever notice what it really says is  OBAMA LOGO  isded  (pepsi)

  • Guest

     I don’t think they look alike. What you people think because they have red and blue with some wavy lines that somebody ripped someone off. I didn’t even vote for him. And I am sure not going  to stop drinking PEPSI just because you people are over analyzing the symbol. Geeez.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ECQCQL44KUH4BLSDSVMIF4LJSQ pepapiga

    Pepsi has ALWAYS been my drink.  No more!!!

  • Guedt

    It’s great that the majority of the idiots here don’t realize it was Dr.Pepper which ran the Indivisible promo can as a show of support after 9/11, not Coke, not Pepsi…Dr.Pepper. They also addressed the issue people had and in essence apologized that it only had room for the few words of the Pledge (which did not have Under God in it until the 1950’s).

  • Meskla


  • Sara34243

    How is Obama allowed to use a logo so similiar – it’s trademarked.  Why wasn’t he stopped from do so? It’s intended to be more than a sublime message.
    It’s enough to make me stop buying my case or more a week – I’ll do nothing to promote Obama

  • Sara34243

    How is Obama allowed to use a logo so similiar – it’s trademarked. Why wasn’t he stopped from doing so? It’s intended to be more than a sublime message.
    It’s enough to make me stop buying my case or more a week – I’ll do nothing to promote Obama

  • Sara34243

    I would be interested to know what is served at our White House Pepsi or Coke – that could tell the story

  • Metallicarokker

    Pepsi is disgusting anyway, but their current logo makes it even more so. Soetoro’s logo shoud be an image of satan, because he truly is the devil. This creep sat in a white hating/anti-American church for twenty years, hung out with domestic terrorists’, forged a fraudulent birth certificate, has ZERO experience, was a community organizer, and demolished the economy. SHAME on you Pepsi!!!

  • obama-sux-cock

     Id like to add that the 1987 log really came out in 1991/92

  • Marie Noybn

    Yeah, if they were both exactly the same shape, AND the same colors, AND had the same markings… oh wait… if an apple was round and orange and had little dimples it would probably be… AN ORANGE hehehe.