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“Because It’s Cool” – Is Not a Strategy

With apologies to my friends, colleagues, and competitors in the advertising and marketing industry, have we lost our mind? Lately, it seems there’s no rhyme or reason for the decisions being made. It’s as if we’re simply doing things for the same of doing things. Do you really need an APP or are you doing it because it’s cool and everyone else SEEMS to have one. Does it really make sense to place your car in a shopping cart for a publicity stunt?  Should Jeff Goodby really be rapping for a holiday card?  Do we really need a company that’s based on a crowd sourcing model?  Sure, “social” and consumer generated content are huge trends right now, but an entire company built on that mode?  WTF?

CP+B for years has cornered the market on this attitude. Remember they’re the company who believes that the goal of all marketing/advertising is for the work to be talked about. Conceptually, I get that. But, when that approach leads to work like Orville Deadenbacher….well, you get my point.

I’m hoping that in 2010 we see a renewed focus to doing work that’s on strategy and meaningful marketing.  If you will, I hope 2010 is rife smart decisions being made by both clients and agencies.  I’m not preaching risk avoidance, but I am preaching that we stop doing things just because they seem cool.  Folks, cool is not a marketing or a business strategy.  However, it can be a result of smart, strategic, marketing decisions.

Let’s get back to the basics and stop chasing cool.  Cool?