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2008 Top 10 Presentations

I’ve read over 1,000 presentations this year.  That amazes me.  Because there’s maybe only 50 I can actually remember.  Of those 50, here are the 10 that I reference, re-reference, and consider to be amazingly helpful.  The only requirement for this list was that the presentation needed to be available on Slideshare.

1. Everything you always wanted to know about Google, but were afraid to ask: Just a real eye opened for me. It’s rare that I come across something that makes me say WOW. And this deck did it.

All about Google 

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2. Obama and Social Media: I’m not even an Obama supporter and this presentation rocked. Who says a person can’t be a brand? Who says Social Media can’t amplify a message? This deck proves the power people have in carrying a brand and a message…when it’s something they believe in.

Obama Social 

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3. Widgets 101: I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve referenced this presentation to clients and agencies folks. The presentation does a fantastic job of breaking down the industry and explaining what widgets can do…AND should do.

4. Starbucks Tribal Knowledge: Slides 15 – 18 make the whole presentation. It makes you wonder how a brand that knew itself so well could have fallen so far from the path?

Starbucks Tribal Knowledge 

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5. Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3: Fantastic research. You will be referencing the data from this presentation for months to come. I want a Wave 4.

6. Discovery Is The New Cocaine: Are you sick of using the term engagement? Yeah, me too. I hate referencing engagement as an end goal. This presentation will help you evolve from engagement. You’ll feel better about yourself when you stop using the “E” word.

7. Modern Brand Building: Paul Isakson is really smart. His presentation is great. If only we could get everyone to drink the Kool-Aid from this deck. Compaigns are designed for short term gains…like political campaigns. Campaigns are not long term enablers of success. If you want branding, don’t campaign.

Modern Brand Building 

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8. What’s Next In Media: Neil Perkin created a masterpiece. I love slide 21. I’ve referenced it often. He talks about social media in REAL marketing terminology. Yes, the information is actually applicable and not just “Web 2.0” B.S.

Whats Next In Media 

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9. Big Spaceship’s Manifesto: Every single agency should have a deck that explains who they are so simply. This presentation offers sharp and often overlooked thoughts like “hire to be the dumbest person in the room.” If more companies followed that thought instead of hiring old pals they’d be better off.

10. Creativity & Innovation: I’ve seen a lot of the information before, but never served up so well. Everyone from strategists to copywriters should read this.

Creativity & Innovation 

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