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25 Random Things About Me

I’ve resisted this insane concept and craze for a long time. But, when you consider how big it’s gotten, I felt compelled to participate. For those of you not in the know about 25 Random Things About Me phenomenon, you can read up on it here, here, here, or here.  In short, 25 Random Things About Me is a chain letter program. Person A lists 25 random facts/things about them. They then tag people in the list.  The people tagged are then supposed to repeat the process…they create a list, they tag people, etc.

Someone tagged me on Facebook and I refused to participate.  Like I said, I’ve put it off for a long time, but now I’m going to participate, albeit in my own way.  I’m not going to put the list on Facebook, thus circumventing the process of the phenomena 🙂  I’m calling it a personal victory!  Without further adieu here are 25 Random Things About Me:

  1. I clean while I cook because I hate a mess.
  2. I’m long waisted; even though I’m 5’9″ my inseam is 30″.
  3. I work in a paperless office.  Seriously, no paper, ever.
  4. Nike is the only sneaker brand I’ll buy.
  5. I’ve been using the same AOL instant messenger handle since AOL 1.0.
  6. On an average day, I sleep for 5 hours.
  7. My first car was a 1987 Toyota MR-2; I still scan Ebay every once in a while for a used one so I can buy and restore it.
  8. If given the choice between being blind or deaf, I’d take deaf.
  9. I have a ridiculously large collection of offensive T-shirts.
  10. When I was in high school I could dunk a basketball.  Really.
  11. The day when Madden Football is releases every year is a holiday for me.  I take it off and spend the entire day setting up rosters and drafting a team.
  12. I’m a vodka snob. If offered Sky, Smirnoff, Absolut, etc. I’ll decline.
  13. I’m not a fan of voicemail. I loath it’s existence.  If given the choice between emailing someone or talking to someone, I’d take the digital communication.
  14. I don’t drink coffee, only hot chocolate.
  15. I can read books ridiculously fast. 400 page books get knocked out in about 2.5 hours.
  16. I think there’s a big difference between truth and honesty.
  17. I hold grudges for years; probably too long.
  18. I’m not a fan of following the heard.  For example, I avoided watching Lord of The Rings for nearly 6 months.  I watched it in a nearly empty theater and loved every minute of it.
  19. I’m a huge Beatles fan.  To me they aren’t just a band, they’re an iconic BRAND.  From shirts, to hats, to CDs I’ve got a massive collection.
  20. I love change. I’ve owned 3 houses and lived in 3 states in the last 6 years; and I’ll be on to state number 4 shortly.
  21. I find great meaning on movies and music.  There’s a tremendous amount that can be gleaned, quoted, and shared from films and songs.
  22. Strange, but my shoe size when I was 13 was 13, but now it’s 10.5.  Crazy. Are shoes just being made bigger these days?
  23. My dream job is working behind a bar in Costa Rica…granted it’s a bar that I’d be owning.
  24. I love speed, one day I will drive on the Autobahn.
  25. I just became an organ donor.  Never was before.  However, for some reason, I decided to do it when I got my Minnesota driver’s license.

Well there ya go, that’s 25 Random Things About Me.