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Friday Five – December 27, 2013

Big Data and the Role of Intuition
Harvard Business Review is always a mixed bag for me. Often the content is basic/fundamental, masquerading as brilliant. But, every once in a while you get something like this gem on the need to remember that algorithms, platforms and machines can only get you so far. You can’t set them to auto-pilot and think the work is done. As a marketer you have a big role to play, when it comes to making sense of what all that big data actually means. Sometimes, your gut, is pretty smart.

Buzzfeed’s coverage of Justine Sacco story: An ethical issue?
Because we’re dealing with the righteous web, let me get out a quick disclaimer. What Justine Sacco tweeted was dumb. It was wrong. It should never have been said or thought. It also pales in comparison to what’s said on Southpark, Family Guy and Tosh.O. I’ve seen a lot of coverage about the Justine Sacco situation. Some of it good. Some of it bad. I came across this article from Arik Hanson and it was decidedly different. It doesn’t analyze Justine, her tweet or even the mob mentality that followed. No, it takes a look at what’s passing as “journalism.” As we saw with the Boston Marathon tragedy, too many people are focused on being first, not focused on being right. First, wins the ratings battle. Being right, but second, earns you a set of steak knives. One other quick note, you know how Forbes or someone will write an article about how more C-suite executives need to be on twitter? When we see situations like this, it’s more reason for not do me on twitter. On twitter, even the average person is a “celebrity” with all of twitter, the largest paparazzi in the world. Think before you tweet. Your job depends on it.

Redefining Advertising: How 2013 Transformed Digital Marketing
The Google Insights team put together a fantastic infographic covering how much change there was in digital marketing in 2013. While I think there was a great deal of appreciation and understanding, by companies, for the changing consumer landscape; there’s still a significant gap between what’s happening (eg mobile, multi-screen) and spend shifts.

The Trends That Ruled Pinterest In 2013
When asked about Pinterest, I often smile. As a marketer, it’s a goldmine. Pinterest is 100% about expression. When you look at what people pin, you get a view into their hopes, wishes, memories and aspirations. The Read Write Web team built upon Pinterest’s top pins in 2013 blog post and went a bit deeper. Who knew so many people wanted to visit Iceland?

Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors In Marketing
I had so much fun reading this post from Fast Company. I won’t steal their thunder. Frankly, their writing is much better than mine. Colors do matter and brands clearly pick them with specific purpose and intent.

The Color Emotion Guide