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Cora Kmiec

Soccer player. Dancer. Karate student. Basketball player. Artist. Loom bracelet designer. Lego lover. Cora has figured out a way to do it all. A STEM school student, who has a love for science and running experiments, Cora keeps us all busy.

On April 13, 2007 at 8:12 PM Cora Madison Kmiec came into my life. She certainly didn’t come into this world with a whimper. From the moment she was born Cora’s been an active “talker.” Watching her grow has been such a joy. She’s gone from barely able to lift her head, to crawling, to walking and now playing soccer, participating in karate and dance.

If you want to keep up with her, you can follow her on twitter @corakmiec

Before Cora was born I came up with an idea of how to watch her grow; since they really do grow up right before your eyes. I started a photo project where I made sure to take 1 photo, each day, for the first full year of her life. It wasn’t easy, especially when you add in the fact her first year came during a leap year. So instead of 365 days there were 366 days to cover off.

The project is complete. You can see the photos from Day 1 to Day 367 here and the final piece of art that will be hanging on the wall here.

I’ve also compiled a list of my favorite early Cora moments for you to check out.

Cora’s 3rd Birthday Party
Cora’s 2nd Birthday Party
Cora’s 1st Birthday Party
Cora Enjoying Birthday Cake
Cora Rolls Over
Cora’s Bath
Christmas Time
Cora Walks…Sorta
2007 XMAS Photos
2007 Halloween
2008 Easter
Cora Crawls
The First 4 Days
Cora’s Foot
Cora’s Feet
Fun Random Photos
Cora’s Really Happy
My Two Front Teeth
Her 1st Photo
Her 1st Video