Opinions And Ramblings By Adam Kmiec On All Things


On some level, we are the organizations we’ve worked for and the people we’ve worked with. We accumulate knowledge from the experiences we’ve had and we extract wisdom from those we worked with. For nearly 20 years, Adam Kmiec has worked for some of the most forward thinking organizations in the world, while helping some of the most dynamic brands find success in the digital marketing and communications arena.

He is currently Vice President, External Communications for UnitedHealthcare. In this role, Adam continues his passion for leveraging digital, marketing and communications to help people live healthier lives.

Prior to joining UnitedHealthcare, Kmiec led Digital Marketing for Walgreens Boots Alliance. From marketing strategy to paid media investment, he had the privilege of leading a world class, high performing and consistently awarded team.

His career has crisscrossed both the client and agency sides of the marketing and advertising industry, covering stops at renowned and historic organizations that include Fallon, Leo Burnett and The Campbell Soup Company.

Opinionated, but honest and always grounded in facts, he enjoys a spirited conversation.

When not helping to UnitedHealthcare continue to be a leader in making the healthcare system work for everyone, he advises early stage startups in the social, content and analytics verticals.

Outside of the office, Kmiec enjoys traveling, photography and being an involved father to his daughter, Cora, and son, John.